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Pharma Division

The Pharmaceutical Division is the biggest division of the Group and Contributes to  60 % of the total Groups sales. The pharmaceuticals are manufactured according to the CGMP as per the standards set by W.H.O. The quality of the products have been widely accepted and appreciated by different Health Ministries, where they are registered. 

The packaging is a very important part of the product and at the Royal Group there is an in house Research and Development Department which in collaboration with the Marketing Department, designs the packages. Special care is given to the market requirements of each country for which the product is targeted. Though we are moving towards globalization and prepare our packages so that they are universally accepted.

All the brands are registered with the trademarks authorities in the country of origin as well as the countries where they are marketed. We also invest in the promotion of our products in the electronic media as well as through print media, and through doctors. 

The Research and Development Department is also constantly developing new products to be added to the existing range of pharmaceuticals