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Royal Group (RG) is a leading export oriented Group of Pakistan, known for its exports of non-traditional products to non-traditional markets.

Established in 1977 by the Maker family, RG adopted the difficult path of exporting non-traditional products to non-traditional markets, which were virgin territories for Pakistan. This strategy paid off, and over a period of 33 years RG grew into a leading group with a turnover of over USD fifteen million a wide product range alongwith representative offices/agents and a huge clientele around the globe.

The Group is proud to be the recipient of 16 export merit trophies in the last eight years for its performance in the exports of Pharmaceuticals, Matchboxes and Non-Traditional products.

Always cognizant of the needs of its customers, the Group based its sales strategy on providing "quality products at competitive prices". This became the motto as well as the goal of the Group. Now customers in over 35 countries around the globe recognize Royal Group as a major source of quality products at competitive prices.

The Group boasts of a professional team who are constantly traveling around the globe identifying new products and markets, thus contributing to the continuous growth of the organization. On the other hand a continuous sourcing ensures that the products offered by the Group are most competitive. Research & Development plays a pivotal role by ensuring continuous enhancements and improvements in quality.

The products of the Group has now expanded to include Pharmaceuticals, Textiles, Matchboxes, Lanterns and accessories, e.t.c. Every year for the Group starts with the goal of adding at least two new product lines to its existing range of products.

Special emphasis is placed on "Quality" and the products offered by the Group are as per international standards. In terms of 'Product Quality' and 'Packaging'.

Pharmaceutical products are manufactured under strict quality control and manufacturing requirements are governed by the Current Goods Manufacturing Practices (CGMP) manual established by the W.H.O. and regulated by the respective authorities.

Products are registered by international health authorities after rigorous protocols ascertaining formulation and stability studies. All raw materials used in the manufacturing confirm to the analytical specifications of British Pharmacopoeia (BP) & United States Pharmacopoeia (USP).

All Textiles and General Merchandise are manufactured according to the customers' requirements and specifications.